Making a Difference (MAD) – Birdbath

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This year Burke’s Backyard is introducing a new environmental segment called Making a Difference (MAD). In this segment we will look at practical ways you can make a difference to your local environment. The recommendations we give will be based on thorough research, rather than just being politically correct.


You can help local species of native birds survive by providing them with water to bathe in and drink. This is particularly important in city areas, because if native birds are not encouraged pest birds such as sparrows, starlings and Indian mynas will take over. It’s also beneficial to feed native birds, include plants in your garden that offer them food and shelter, keep cats indoors and protect nesting sites.
Birdbaths should be shallow, otherwise young birds and small birds can drown.
Fill deep dishes with rinsed river pebbles to leave only around 25-30mm (1 1/2″) water depth.
Keep the birdbath topped up with clean water and scrub dishes regularly to keep them clean.
Place birdbath and bird feeders in a position out of the weather and out of the reach of predators like cats.

Birdbaths shown in our segment

Blue glazed birdbath with scrolled pedestal, $84.99
Terracotta-glazed birdbath with scrolled pedestal, $79.99
White marble birdbath from $159.99
Sandstone birdbaths from $34.99 to $69.99