Luke’s Pet Pug

Luke’s Pet Pug

Last February Luke Smale was a passenger in a car which crashed and caught fire. He was trapped, and suffered serious burns and other injuries which led to the amputation of both his legs below the knees. Luke is in the difficult recovery phase now, learning to use a wheelchair and trying to adjust to the huge changes in his life. Throughout the ordeal his mother Jenny was by his side. As she explained when she wrote to Burke’s Backyard recently, there wasn’t much she could do to help her son physically. However she asked for help with an idea that she knew would lift his spirits. Luke had his heart set on owning a pug puppy.


The Burke’s Backyard team visited the Smales, and Don explained to Jenny and Luke that because of Ralph’s popularity it’s just impossible to buy pug puppies at the moment.

So imagine how surprised and happy they were when pug breeder Kay Mahood walked into the room and presented Luke with a tiny female pug. The puppy has quickly settled into her new home, and it’s very likely that there’ll be years of fun ahead for Luke and Rosie the pug.

Thanks from Ralph!

A big thank you to Kay Mahood and Rosie James, who helped make that wonderful surprise for Luke possible.