Ball Loving Pigeon

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Morrie McGowan wrote to Burke’s Backyard to tell us about his Roller pigeon hybrid, Rolly. Rolly is strangely attracted to a ball. Anywhere the ball goes, Rolly will follow. If Morrie throws the ball in the backyard, Rolly will fly after it, land on it and peck at it. If the bird is on the roof, Morrie just has to hold up the ball and Rolly will fly down to it. Rolly becomes very stressed if the ball is taken away.

Don thought that Rolly seemed to be performing the standard courtship ceremony that a male pigeon performs towards a female pigeon. Morrie agreed, and said he thinks Rolly definitely does regard the ball as his mate.

Morrie’s Sulphur-crested cockatoo, Jo, is also a bit of a trickster. He won’t allow Morrie to mow or rake the lawn!

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