Pet Road Tests

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  • Heartworm

    Heartworm Heartworm disease occurs when infected mosquitoes inject larvae into a dog’s bloodstream. After four to six months the larvae... read more
  • Spur-winged Plovers

      Spur-winged Plovers We visited the grounds of Sydney University, where a pair of Spur-winged plovers is nesting. The parents... read more
  • Please Can He Come In?

    Please Can He Come In? Science reporter Graeme Quirk says that you can reduce your heating bill simply by letting... read more
  • Cichlids and Aquariums

    If you are too busy to walk a dog or care for a cat but would still like a pet,... read more
  • Shih Tzu

      Shih Tzu Breed: Shih Tzu (pronounced sheed zoo) Temperament: devoted, spirited Maintenance: high Lifespan: 12-14 years Recommended for: older... read more
  • Thai Ridgeback

    Thai Ridgeback Breed: Thai RidgebackTemperament: independent, shy, cringingMaintenance: lowCost: not available in AustraliaRecommended for: not recommended History and genetic development... read more
  • Irish Draught Horses

    Irish Draught Horses Breed: Irish Draught HorsesTemperament: well tempered, gentleCost: $10,000+Lifespan: up to 30 yearsRecommended for: ideal for adult sport... read more
  • Quarter Horse

    Breed: Quarter Horse Temperament: Willing, versatile Maintenance: Medium Lifespan: Up to 30 years Cost: $2000 – $20,000 Recommended for: Beginners... read more
  • Scorpions

    Breed: Australian Scorpions Temperament: varies according to species Cost: $40-$70 (around $140+ for full set-up) Lifespan: 2+ years Recommended for:... read more
  • Appaloosa

    Breed: Appaloosa Temperament: Obedient, willing to please Maintenance: Medium Lifespan: 25-30 years Recommended for: Beginners to advanced riders The Appaloosa... read more
  • Mice

    Mice Breed: Mouse Temperament: Curious Maintenance: Medium Lifespan: 2-3 years Cost: $2-$20 Recommended for: 5 years+ Background Although the wide... read more
  • Children’s Python

    Breed: Children’s Python Temperament: placid Maintenance: low Lifespan: 15-20 years Cost: $200-$300 ($1000+ for full set-up) Recommended for: 10+ years... read more