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  • Guinea Pig

    Breed: Cavy (Guinea Pig) Temperament: quiet and manageable Cost: $5-$45 Lifespan: up to 11 years, average 4-5 years Maintenance: medium... read more
  • Bunnies

    Breed: Rabbits Temperament: generally placid. Some breeds are flighty Cost: $25-$200 Lifespan: 8-12 years Maintenance: medium – high Recommended for:... read more
  • Dairy Goats

    Breed: Dairy Goats Temperament: placid and manageable Cost: from $300 Lifespan: 15 – 20 years Maintenance: low (non-lactating) high (lactating)... read more
  • Imperial Blue Butterfly

    Imperial Blue Butterfly John Dengate came across a caterpillar covered by a swarm of ants. At first glance it seemed... read more
  • Fake Pets

    Name: AIBO (Artificial Intelligence Robot) Cost: $3000 plus accessories Longevity: 10+ years Maintenance: medium (charging and ‘training’ required) Recommended for:... read more