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  • Rabbits

      Breed: Rabbits Temperament: Placid & docile Cost: $50 plus Lifespan: 8-12 years Recommended for: Kids & enthusiasts Maintenance: Medium... read more
  • Australian Miniature Goat

    Breed: Australian Miniature Goat Temperament: intelligent, hardy, gentle and friendly Cost: from $400 Lifespan: can live well into their 20’s... read more
  • Eastern Water Dragon and Eastern Bearded Dragon

    Eastern Water Dragon The Eastern Water Dragon (Physignathus lesuerii) is a member of the Agamidae, or dragon family and can... read more
  • Keeping Insects as Pets

    Do you have an old terrarium lying around? Do you have a child whose pockets are full of slaters and... read more
  • Frogs

    Frogs Temperament: placidCost: $25 plusLifespan: 20 yearsRecommended for: kids of all agesMaintenance: medium In the past few years wildlife authorities... read more
  • Miniature Herefords

    Breed: Miniature HerefordTemperament: docileCost: breeders $2000-$15,000, steers $200-$600 Recommended for: hobby farmers, small acreages What meat-eater could resist a juicy... read more
  • Keeping Lizards and Snakes

    Keeping Lizards and Snakes Breed: Lizard species Temperament: skittish, calmer with handling Costs: dragon types from $100, goannas from $1,000... read more
  • Frogs

    Frogs Temperament: placid Cost: $25 plus Lifespan: 20 years Recommended for: kids of all ages Maintenance: medium In the past... read more
  • Dwarf Angora Rabbit

    Dwarf Angora Rabbit Breed: Dwarf Angora Rabbit Temperament: placid, docile, friendly Cost: from $50 to $75 Lifespan: 6 to 10... read more
  • Mini Lop Rabbit

    Dwarf Lop and Mini Lop Rabbit

    Breed: Dwarf Lop and Mini Lop Rabbit Temperament: friendly, docile Cost: from $30 for pets to $90 for show Lifespan:... read more
  • Rex Rabbit

    Rex Rabbit Breed: Rex RabbitTemperament: quiet, intelligentCost: from $50 for pets to $75Lifespan: 8 yearsRecommended for: children over 8 years,... read more
  • Silkworms

    Silkworms Years ago every backyard had a Hills Hoist and a mulberry tree, and most children kept silkworms. These days,... read more