Dog Breeds

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  • Dandie Dinmont Terriers

      Breed: Dandie Dinmont Temperament: Friendly, active & loyal Lifespan: 14 years Recommended for: Families The Dandie Dinmont is probably... read more
  • English Setter

    Breed: English Setter Temperament: gentle, people-oriented Lifespan: 10-12 years Maintenance: low-medium Recommended for: active families Appearance: This is a medium-sized... read more
  • Field Spaniels

      Breed: Field Spaniel Temperament: Docile, independent Lifespan: 10-12 years Maintenance: Medium Recommended for: Active people Appearance: Field Spaniels are... read more
  • Foxhounds

      Breed: Foxhound Temperament: Active, single-minded Lifespan: 10-12 years Recommended for: Active, experienced dog owners Maintenance: Low Although this is... read more
  • Golden Retriever with ball

    Golden Retriever

    Pet Road Test: The Golden Retriever Breed: Golden Retriever Temperament: Friendly, trusting Lifespan: 13 years Recommended for: Families The Golden... read more
  • Griffon Bruxellois

      BREED: Griffon Bruxellois (pronounced bruce-ell-waa) TEMPERAMENT: Friendly & outgoing LIFESPAN: 13 years RECOMMENDED FOR: Families, older people MAINTENANCE: Low-medium... read more
  • Irish Red and White Setter

    Breed: Irish Red and White Setter Temperament: Active, can be standoffish with strangers Lifespan: 12-14 years Recommended for: Families Appearance:... read more
  • Irish Wolfhound

      BREED: Irish Wolfhound TEMPERAMENT: Calm & biddable LIFESPAN: 8-10 years RECOMMENDED FOR: Experienced dog owners MAINTENANCE: Medium Among the... read more
  • Bosotn Terrier dog

    Boston Terrier

    Breed: Boston Terrier Temperament: Protective, lovable, boisterous Lifespan: 12-13 years Recommended for: Older people, families This is one of the... read more
  • Boxers

    Breed: Boxer Temperament: Active, can be excitable Lifespan: 8-9 years Recommended for: Families with older children Maintenance: Low The Boxer... read more
  • Chihuahuas

    BREED: Chihuahua TEMPERAMENT: Timid but can be snappy COST: $300+ LIFESPAN: 10-14 years RECOMMENDED FOR: Older people DUMPAGE RATE: Medium... read more
  • Aussie Bulldog

    Aussie Bulldog

    Aussie Bulldog Temperament: Affectionate, elephantine, lazy Lifespan: 10-12 years Recommended for: Families with older kids Maintenance: Untested Dumpage rate: Untested... read more