Maine Coon

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Breed: Maine Coon
Temperament: gentle
Cost: starting from$800 for pets more for show
Lifespan: 13 years plus
Recommended for: any cat lover

GROOMING: Semi long coat requires 10 minutes per week. Moults yearly.

CHILD COMPATIBILITY: Good with kids. Able to take some rough handling. Not aggressive.

TEMPERAMENT: Playful and energetic.

ACTIVITY LEVEL: An active cat, likes to play. Toys are suggested for appropriate stimulation.

AVAILABILITY: Only about 5 breeders in Australia. Expect waiting lists.

TRAINABILITY: Breeders sat they are intelligent and easy to house train.

SATISFACTION RATING: Breeders report no problems with new owners.

AGGRESSION: Not a distant or aggressive cat, although it is an accomplished hunter.

HEALTH & LIFESPAN: 13 years. Heart and hip problems can be inherited but should be screed for.

NOISE: Not a noisy, demanding cat. “Trills” rather than purrs.

INDOORS POTENTIAL Good indoors. Needs toys and a scratching pole to keep it away from the curtains. Likes time outdoors. Enjoys hunting.

IDEAL FOR: All cat lovers. Preferably those with time to groom.

POPULARITY: Not a very well known cat beyond the local cat community.

TURN-ONS: Very friendly towards all people.

TURN-OFFS: Bigger eater than most cats. Requires grooming.

INTERESTING FACTS: Known as the “American Barn Cat”


The state cat of Maine, America. Commonly known in the States as the American barn cat. There are many unsubstantiated rumours as to its history. The name is derived from the state whilst the “Coon” probably originated from similarities with the racoon. The breed is similar in size to the Norwegian Forest Cat and has only been in Australia since the late eighties. There are only a handful of breeders in the country.


A strong, large-boned animal with a semi-long, silky coat. Main Coon