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  • Protection From Possums

    Possums love munching on vegetable and fruit plants in the garden. We showed one way of protecting the vegies. Don... read more
  • Hybrid Chooks

      Whether they’re called ISAbrown, Hy-line, Hisex or Lohmann, the red plumaged commercial hybrids are fantastic layers that adapt well... read more
  • Spoodle pups


    Pet Road Test: Spoodle Crossbreed: Spoodle (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle) Temperament: intelligent, active Cost: $360+ Lifespan: 10-12 years Recommended for:... read more
  • Chooks as Pets

    Dr Chris Brown has a pet chicken. Her name is Juliet, and she is an ISA Brown. If you have... read more
  • Siamese Fighting Fish

    Siamese Fighting Fish Breed: Siamese Fighting Fish Temperament: placid when alone, aggressive towards other males Cost: $4-$18 Lifespan: average 2 years Maintenance: low Recommended for: anyone,... read more
  • Phantom Pregnancy in Pets

      Dr Chris Brown talked about phantom or false pregnancies, when a non-pregnant animal acts and looks as if it’s... read more
  • Guinea Pig

    Breed: Cavy (Guinea Pig) Temperament: quiet and manageable Cost: $5-$45 Lifespan:   up to 11 years, average 4-5 years Maintenance:... read more
  • Standardbred Horse

      Breed: Standardbred Horse Temperament: calm, resilient Cost: often free, although average $300 Lifespan: 25 years Maintenance: high Recommended for:... read more
  • Cat Scratching Post

    No matter how cute and how cuddly your cat might seem, there’s always a little tiger lurking inside, waiting to... read more
  • Dog Dumpage

    ‘Burke’s Backyard’, in conjunction with the RSPCA, completed an Australia-wide (all mainland states but not Tasmania) research project to compare... read more
  • Farting Dogs

    Flatulence in dogs is a common problem. Burke’s Backyard vet, Dr Chris Brown, said it’s often caused by cheap diets... read more
  • Washing Dogs

    Dr Chris Brown discussed some little known facts about washing dogs. He also had some tips to make bath time... read more