Swimmer Sculpture

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Julie Harvey was once a Sydney businesswoman, but had to take time off work due to illness. During her convalescence she became interested in painting, and then enrolled in art school to learn how to sculpt figures. Julie never returned to her job – instead she started sculpting full-time. Today, she has a busy exhibition schedule and her work can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide.

Bathing beauties

Julie draws her inspiration from Port Lincoln, the small fishing town in South Australia where she spent her childhood. She sculpts figures of swimmers from raku clay using a coiling technique: some wear mosaic bikinis or floater rings, some recline lazily at poolside, while others are in diving poses and just about to take the plunge. They are a beautiful sandstone colour and look as if they have been carved from stone. All of the figures are made by hand, without moulds, so each one is a little different and has a character of its own. However they all have a whimsical, cheekiness in common. Julie describes her ‘girls’ as proud, witty, and great fun to have around. The swimmer sculptures are a great talking point when situated next to pools, in courtyards and in gardens.

Contact information

Julie Harvey
Phone: (08) 8363 4765
Mobile: 0402 843 200
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.julieharveysculpture.com
The sculptures range in price from $850-$2500, and are available by commission.