People and Places

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Famous Australian people and landmarks on Burke’s Backyard

  • Harris-Hobbs Garden

      Harris-Hobbs Garden The history of gardening is currently at a high point with improved plant materials, products and design... read more
  • Kennerton Green

      Kennerton Green Of all the large gardens in Australia, Kennerton Green at Mittagong in the New South Wales Southern... read more
  • Chinese House

    Don visited a private home in the hutongs. In the urban district of Beijing, hutongs still occupy one third of... read more
  • Humble Administrator’s Garden, China

    Suzhou is renowned for having the most beautiful examples of classic Chinese gardens. Don looked at one of the largest,... read more
  • Avenue of Animals, China

    There is usually a Sacred Way or Divine Road leading to the mausoleums of China’s emperors. Each emperor was known... read more
  • The Great Wall, China

      The Great Wall Don visited the Great Wall of China at Mutianyu, 90 kilometres north of Beijing. World Heritage... read more
  • Old Shanghai Teahouse, China

    Don and the Burke’s Backyard team visited the Yu Gardens Bazaar in Shanghai. This is a ‘Disneyland version’ of historical... read more
  • Shanghai City, China

    Shanghai City Shanghai (pron: Shung high), which means the ‘City on the Sea’, is called ‘Hu’ (pron: Who) for short.... read more
  • Forbidden City

    The Forbidden City, known as Gugong, is the largest and best-preserved cluster of ancient buildings in China. Completed in 1420,... read more
  • Cloud 9 Bar in China

      Cloud 9 Bar Don headed to the top of the highest hotel in the world for a night-time view... read more
  • Yellow Mountain

    This famous landscape attraction is located in the southern part of Anhui Province, 280 kms west of the coastal city... read more
  • Backyard Trains

    Don visited railway enthusiast, David Fletcher and his wife Alison, who is a keen gardener. David has had a life-long... read more