People and Places

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Famous Australian people and landmarks on Burke’s Backyard

  • Arcadia Garden

    In northwestern Sydney Warren Naylor and Tim Higgins have created an Italian style garden, complete with buildings inspired by the... read more
  • Thermal Image Zoo

    Thermal Image Zoo    Recently we road tested outdoor heaters using a thermal imaging camera to find out which models... read more
  • Pat Parelli: Creating a Bond

      Pat Parelli: Creating a Bond  Pat Parelli demonstrated how to form a connection with your horse, in the same... read more
  • Robert Juniper’s Garden

    Robert Juniper’s Garden Don visited artist Robert Juniper, who lives and works in a protected valley east of Perth. They... read more
  • Train Garden

    Train Garden Soon after Geoff and Jean Hallam moved into their new home, Geoff began to construct a model railway... read more
  • Vic’s Tidy Garage

      Vic’s Tidy Garage Most of the gardeners we visit have a very messy shed, garage or an ugly part... read more
  • Waterfall Cottage

      Waterfall Cottage Ten years ago Jeanne Villani purchased “a cheap bit of land that somebody had put an old... read more
  • World Retina Day 2001

      World Retina Day 2001 One in 3000 babies is born with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a hereditary disease that attacks the... read more
  • Gypsy’s House

    Gypsy’s House Don visited gypsy Catherine Johns at ‘Teach Dragon Draiocht’, her mystical retreat near Mt Barker in South Australia.... read more
  • Hans Poulsen – Celebrity Gardener

    Hans Poulsen – Celebrity Gardener A gifted and prolific songwriter, Hans Poulsen was the Australian version of Cat Stevens. He... read more
  • Kites and Koko Crater

    You’ve probably heard of Australian tourist attractions the Big Pineapple, the Big Prawn and the Big Merino, but on a... read more
  • Living On The Edge

    Living On The Edge When ‘Burke’s Backyard’ is on the road we constantly refer to maps to find our way... read more