Weeds and Garden Pests

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  • Weeds in the Bush

    If you live in a bushland area or have a bush garden, be on the lookout for exotic weed seedlings.... read more
  • Wood Borers

    Wood Borers Don looked at a gum tree with marks all over the trunk, probably caused by the larvae of... read more
  • Azalea Damage

    Have you noticed that your azaleas are looking a bit the worse for wear at the moment? If they have... read more
  • Beating Weeds

    Don was faced with a gardener’s worst nightmare: a backyard completely overgrown with weeds. This thick jungle of nasties included... read more
  • Camellia Leaf Problems

    Don looked at a camellia that appeared to have quite a few leaf problems. Rounded sections from some leaves were... read more
  • Lilly Pilly Psyllids

    Lilly pillies are tremendously popular in Australian gardens, particularly for hedging and topiary. In fact, these Australian natives are often... read more
  • Unusual Citrus

    Unusual Citrus Recently on ‘Burke’s Backyard’ Don showed a photograph of a very strange rose growing out of the centre... read more
  • Taiwan Lily

    Don looked at the Taiwan or Formosa lily, a beautiful tall lily that has escaped from gardens to become a... read more
  • Caterpillar on Clivias

    The lily caterpillar seems to have increased in numbers and horticultural importance along with the increased popularity of mass-planted crinum... read more
  • Citrus Gall Wasp

    Lumpy growths on young leaf stems, leaf mid-ribs and fruit stalks of citrus trees are caused by a pest called... read more
  • Frangipani Rust

    If you live anywhere along the east coast of Australia you might have noticed that the leaves of your frangipani... read more
  • Mickey Mouse Bush

    This South African native was once a very popular ornamental plant, but it’s now a serious bushland weed in some... read more