Agonis ‘After Dark’

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Recently introduced into cultivation, Agonis flexuosa ‘After Dark’, is a variety of the West Australian willow myrtle. It has burgundy to purple coloured foliage all year round, with tiny white flowers in spring. It grows around 6m (18′) high and 3-5m (10-15′) wide, and likes a sunny position, well-drained soil and adequate water. It will grow well in most areas of Australia except for tropical and mountain zones.

This gorgeous Australian native would look wonderful planted with burgundy or grey foliage plants, or against a white or grey house. It has a fibrous root system so it makes a good tub or container plant, it tolerates salt winds and it is suitable for use in windy rooftop positions. It also makes a very good hedge or screen, as seen in our segment. Like most Australian natives, ‘After Dark’ benefits from regular pruning to keep it looking dense and bushy.

Further information
Agonis flexuosa ‘After Dark’ costs around $25 for 200mm (8″) pots. If your local nursery does not have it in stock, ask them to order one in for you.