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  • Ornamental pears

    New Ornamental Pears

    In recent years, ornamental pear trees have been very popular in Australian gardens. A favourite in cool climate areas is... read more
  • Ornamental Ginger

    Most people are familiar with edible ginger (Zingiber officinale), but it is only one of hundreds of members of the... read more
  • Black olives in a bowl

    Curing Olives

    You’ll need: fresh black or green olives salt water sterilised glass jars with lids* 1. First, wash and prepare the... read more
  • Osmanthus

    This popular garden favourite has long been valued for its sweetly scented flowers. However, osmanthus also makes a good flowering... read more
  • Oleander

    Don’s Top Six Low Maintenance Plants

    Plant selection is very important if you want a low maintenance garden. Some plants are high maintenance nightmares. At the... read more
  • Holly

    Don looked at holly, a native of Europe, north Africa and western Asia. In the Northern Hemisphere holly is associated... read more
  • Easter Plants

    Many plants are associated with Easter and the passion of Jesus Christ, although nobody really knows what sort of wood... read more
  • Agave plants


    Agave If you want bold, architectural plants in your garden, Peter Valder thinks that it’s hard to go past agaves.... read more
  • English Daisies

    English daisies are trouble free and easy to grow, which is why they have been garden favourites since the early... read more
  • Agonis ‘After Dark’

    Recently introduced into cultivation, Agonis flexuosa ‘After Dark’, is a variety of the West Australian willow myrtle. It has burgundy... read more
  • Eremophila nivea

    Don looked at Eremophila nivea, an emu bush with silvery stems and leaves, and purple tubular flowers in spring and... read more
  • Four-leaf Clover – The French Alternative

    According to legend, four-leaf clovers are incredibly lucky and they help you to see the fairies in your garden. If... read more