Hiding a Shed

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Hiding a Shed

Garden sheds are essential for storing equipment and tools, but they can look very ugly. In our segment, Don looked at a simple, low-cost solution to the problem of an ugly shed.

How it was done

The fibro shed was first painted an unobtrusive, tan brown colour and then clad with latticework. Next, Chinese star jasmine was planted in the ground around the shed. This will eventually climb up the latticework and completely hide the shed.

Chinese star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

This evergreen twiner is not a true jasmine, so it will not strangle other plants. It has glossy, green leaves and vanilla-scented, star-shaped, white flowers. It grows with medium vigour but can be slow growing in the early years. Chinese star jasmine flowers in sun or semi-shade, and grows in all but the coldest zones of Australia.

Another recently introduced variety, T. jasminoides ‘Yellow Star’ has yellow flowers. Other planting options to help hide a shed include white potato vine, mandevilla, nasturtium for fast growth and in warmer climates the pink flowered antigonon

Further information

Chinese star jasmine is readily available at most nurseries or garden centres, or ask at your local nursery for a suitable climber for your area.