Beer Snail Trap – The French Alternative

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Jackie French made an environmentally friendly snail trap using a plastic drink bottle and some beer. Snails are attracted to these traps because they love the sweet, sour and yeasty smell of the beer. When the snails crawl into the trap, they either drown or the alcohol poisons them.

Making your trap

  1. Take 1 empty plastic drink bottle. Cut a flap on either side about 5-8cm (2-3″) up from the base of the bottle.
  2. Pull the flaps out and down, so that they resemble what Jackie describes as “little drawbridges”.
  3. Fill the base of the bottle with beer
  4. Bury the base of the bottle near plants you want to protect, and make sure the flaps are out flat so that the snails can easily crawl in.

(Tip: don’t cut the top off the bottle. It helps prevent rain or irrigation water from getting into the trap.)