Natural Rock Swimming Pool

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Natural Rock Swimming Pool

Once swimming pools were boring, rectangular things in the backyard, but now innovative designers are creating pools that are not only stylish, but also water wonderlands for children. Don visited the Wynne family and looked at their fabulous new pool, which was constructed by Brad Baxter of Award Pools & Landscapes.

Cutting edge design

Before work on the pool could begin, trees had to be removed and 200 cubic metres of material had to be excavated and removed from the site. Luckily, the Wynnes have very understanding neighbours who allowed the builders access through their property. Brad Baxter’s cutting edge design takes advantage of the topography of the block, and includes a riverbed, bridge, elevated spa and freeform swimming pool integrated with the natural rocky outcrops. A watercourse links the exterior to the interior and leads to an internal fountain. On the day of our visit, the kids were having tremendous fun paddling in the riverbed, swinging on the Tarzan rope and jumping off the rocks into the pool.

Further information

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Award Pools & Landscapes
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