Flowering Plants & Shrubs

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  • Abutilons

    Abutilons or Chinese lanterns are closely related to hibiscus, and most of the hundred or so species have pendulous, hibiscus-like... read more
  • Gymea Lily-Doryanthes-Spear Lily

      Gymea lilies are spectacular Australian native plants with large, compact heads of nectar filled red flowers atop tall, thick... read more
  • Nasturtiums

    Tropaeolum majos As well as producing brightly coloured, cheerful flowers, nasturtiums are ideal plants for a child’s first garden. The... read more
  • Great New Roses

    Don showed two of the best roses ever.  They have just become available so may be hard to get. Smooth... read more
  • Australian Native Birthflower for May

    The Australian Native Birthflower for May is Crowea saligna or Pink Waxflower. This is a small shrub that will grow... read more
  • Burke’s Backyard Best Azaleas

    There are many different types of azaleas and most people have had one that looked beautiful but eventually died, usually... read more
  • Jacaranda trees

    Jacaranda Trees

    Gardening Fact Sheet: The Jacaranda Australian streets are awash with the magnificent purple-blue blooms of jacarandas (Jacaranda mimosifolia) in late... read more
  • Plants for Shady Areas

    Flowering: Acanthus Ajuga Aquilegia (columbines) Azaleas Begonias Bromeliads Camellia japonica Clivia Daphne erigeron (seaside daisy) Eupatorium megalophyllum (blue Ageratum-like flowers)... read more
  • blank

    Top 10 Cottage Roses

    Roses have made a come back in Australian gardens as people discover the versatility, beauty and perfume of roses. Mid... read more
  • Yellow Buttons

    Don looked at Yellow Buttons, an Australian native plant that thrives on neglect. Plant details Common name: Yellow buttons  Botanic name: Chrysocephalum... read more
  • Vanilla Orchids

    The vanilla plant is a perennial vine from Mexico and Central America, which climbs to around 15 metres and supports... read more
  • Perfumed Plants

    Don looked at some of the plants that produce their perfume through the summer months. Perfume adds atmosphere and a... read more