Native Annuals

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There has been a tremendous renewal of interest in recent years in Australian native plants. However, most people think of shrubs like grevilleas, wattles and banksias when they think of native plants. There are a whole range of Australian native annuals from Western Australian which would do just as well as petunias or other exotic annuals in a cottage garden.

Native annual varieties

Rhodanthe chlorocephala ssp. rosea (Rosy Everlasting) – Papery flowers in a range of shades of pink with narrow leaves. Excellent in the garden or for cut or dried flowers.
Rhodanthe manglesii (Mangle’s Everlasting) – Flowers in both pink and white with broader leaves. Smaller growing than R. chlorocephala spp. rosea.
Schoenia filifolia ssp. subulifolia (Showy Everlasting Daisy) – Yellow papery flowers with very narrow leaves.
Brachyscome iberidifolia (Swan River Daisy) – These flowers in white, pale blue, dark blue and mauve varieties of daisies.

Climate: Will grow in most areas of Australia except severe frost zones.


sow in autumn where you want them to flower in spring
plant in raised beds outdoors for well drained soils
they grow well in pots as a beautiful display


Seeds for the Australian native annuals are available from Mount Annan Botanic Garden shop through mail order, phone: (02) 4648 2477. They cost from $2.10-$3.60 per packet. Seeds are also available in a range of Everlasting Daisies from Yates Seeds and Mr Fothergill’s Seeds (available from most major nurseries Australia-wide). Seeds are also available from Nindethana Seeds, PO Box 2121, Albany, WA, 6331. Phone: (08) 9844 3533 or fax: (08) 9844 3573. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope for a catalogue.

Further information

Mount Annan Botanic Garden, Mount Annan Drive, Narrellan, NSW, 2567. Phone: (02) 4648 2477 is open daily from 10am-6pm (October-March) and 10am-4pm (April-September). There are picnic grounds and a visitor centre, admission is charged per vehicle and costs $5 per car or motorbike and $2 for pedestrians and cyclists.