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Don looked at a new silvery foliaged variety of syngonium called ‘Mystique’.

Plant details

Common name: Mystique

Botanic name: Syngonium ‘Mystique’


An excellent foliage plant with very compact, rounded growth that supports itself as it grows (like a totem). Fully grown it reaches a maximum of about 60cm x 60cm (2’x2′). The leaves are arrow shaped and silver/light green in colour.

Best climate

‘Mystique’ can be grown as an indoor plant in all areas of Australia. In warm areas (tropics and subtropics) it makes a good outdoor foliage plant in a sheltered spot.

Good points

attractive silver foliage compact growth self supporting climber drought tolerant


Indoors, syngoniums like a position in moderate to bright (but diffused) light. Keep plants out of cold draughts and away from heaters and direct sun (which can burn leaves). Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Outdoors, syngoniums need protection from direct sun. Tip prune to maintain compact shape.

Getting started

Syngonium ‘Mystique’ is readily available from nurseries and garden centres. Expect to pay from $9 for plants in 140mm (6″) pots.