Marigold Simba

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The Bedding Plants Australia Flower of the Year 2004 is the Simba™ Marigold.

This hardy, waterwise annual is a mix of four flower colours: yellow, red, tangerine and a yellow and red bi-colour. The compact plants grow to around 30cm (12″) tall and have a good branching habit. The flowers are around 5cms wide, they have many petals and are produced over several months.

Uses garden beds window boxes containers low maintenance and waterwise gardens nematode repellant

Good points easy to grow hardy blooms reliably all summer few insect and disease problems drought tolerant

Growing marigolds

Marigolds prefer full sun. Seedlings should be planted about 25cms apart in a garden bed, but in containers they can be planted much closer together to create maximum effect.

Feed occasionally with a soluble fertiliser to keep them blooming strongly, and pinch out the old flowers.

Further information

Seedlings of Simba™ Marigold are available now in nurseries around Australia. Punnets cost from $3 to $4.50.