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Begonia flowers


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Bedding or fibrous rooted begonias are trusty old timers which deserve greater recognition, particularly as useful elements in garden design. They are among the most hardy and dependable of plants, and they will flourish despite almost total neglect.

Plant details

Common name: Bedding begonia
Botanic name: Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum

Description: Dwarf shrubby begonias to 30cm (1′) tall. The rounded, glossy leaves are green, bronze-red, yellowish or deep crimson. Flower colours range from white through pinks to dark red. ‘Thousand Wonders’ and ‘Gypsy’ are both compact, sun-hardy varieties in pinks and whites.

Best climate: Bedding begonias will grow in all areas of Australia. In cold climates select a warm, sheltered micro-climate.

Best look:

edging rock gardens planter boxes and tubs colour at the front of shrub borders massed displays

Good points:

hardy easy to grow long flowering colourful foliage and flowers spectacular results at a low cost


Leaves and flowers can easily be burnt if planted in hot, windy, exposed places.


Bedding begonias perform best in dappled shade but they also grow well in sunny positions with regular watering. Fortnightly applications of liquid fertiliser promote more rapid growth. No pruning is necessary.

Getting started:

Bedding begonias are available at nurseries and cost from $4 to $4.50 per punnet.