Muffins and Crumpets

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Muffins and Crumpets

Rosemary Stanton is often asked if it’s okay to eat between meals. Rosemary says that eating little and often can increase your metabolism and lower your cholesterol, but only if your snacks are healthy.

Healthy snacks

Fruit – the healthiest snack of all. The only downside is that it doesn’t go well with a cup of tea or coffee!

Toast – made with wholegrain bread or wholemeal fruit loaf. This is a much better snack than a large croissant, which has as much fat as 25 slices of toast.

Muffins – English style muffins, particularly grain or wholemeal ones, count as a low fat snack even with a tiny amount of butter. Cake style muffins are high in kilojoules, so give them a miss.

Crumpets – most people think that crumpets are high in fat, but they are not. They don’t have any added fat, and the wholemeal ones even contribute some fibre. Although crumpets really need butter and honey, it’s actually hard to add much butter because it all runs through the holes! In fact, you use less butter on a crumpet than on a slice of toast, and even with a little butter and honey, a crumpet is still a fairly low fat food.

Further reading:

Rosemary Stanton’s Fat & Fibre Counter, Wilkinson Books, Revised edition, 1999. ISBN 1 86350 278 5. An alphabetical listing of foods and beverages with their fat, fibre and kilojoule content. Available from newsagents and bookshops.