Conservation and Environment

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Issues around the natural environment

  • Environmental Special

    Environmental Special Many people are concerned about the welfare of the planet, but are unsure about what they can, or... read more
  • Frilled Lizard

    Frilled Lizard The sun-loving frilled lizard (Chlamydosaurus kingii) is the reptile emblem of Australia, and also the inspiration for the... read more
  • Gambusia

    The Eastern Gambusia (Gambusia holbrooki) is native to the rivers draining the Gulf of Mexico, but it has been distributed... read more
  • Horse Culling

    Horse Culling One of the proudest moments of the Sydney Olympic Games was the opening ceremony, when dozens of mounted... read more
  • Native Bees

    Native Bees There are over 2000 species of native bees, although only about 1700 have been named! The smallest is... read more
  • Orb Weaving Spider

    Orb Weaving Spider Although spiders are unpopular with lots of people, they play a very important role in the garden.... read more
  • Recycling

    Recycling Don’s tip: it’s possible to recycle all sorts of organic matter (that’s anything that was once alive) in your... read more
  • Skink

    Skink   Checking footwear for spiders or snakes every morning is second nature to many Australians, particularly those living near... read more
  • Cane Toads

    Cane toads (Bufo marinus) are natives of South and Central America. They were introduced into Australia in 1935 to help... read more
  • Widow Maker

    During a bushfire, some trees burn and fall over, but others don’t fall for hours or days later. Sometimes the... read more
  • Bird Attacking Window

    John Dengate explained that in spring, as the day length increases, birds are preparing for the breeding season. Male birds... read more
  • Dung Beetles

    Dung Beetles We have over 350 native species of dung beetle in Australia, and about 22 species that have been... read more