Brown Honeyeater Nest

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Fairhill native nursery at Yandina in Queensland is undoubtedly one of the best native plant nurseries in Australia. At nurseries like Fairhill customers have access to the expertise of specialist staff, and they’re able to choose from a wide range of native plants including some of the best new varieties. On a recent visit to the nursery Don discovered a little Brown Honeyeater nesting in a small nursery pot. The pot was amongst dozens of others on a display table, but the bird didn’t seem concerned about browsing customers. The honeyeater was a great reminder of the fact that by growing native plants we can strengthen our relationship with Australia’s wonderful native birds and animals.

Further information

Our segment was filmed at Fairhill Native Plants, Fairhill Road, Yandina, QLD. Phone: (07) 5446 7088, fax: (07) 5446 8131.