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  • driveway

    Driving For Dollars

    Driveways take up a lot of space in any front garden, so Jim Fogarty says a well-designed driveway can actually... read more
  • fake stone

    Favourite Fakes

      Jim Fogarty says he has some favourite ways of looking good in a garden design without being entirely ridgey... read more
  • fake timber

    Looks Like Timber!

    Jim Fogarty says there’s more than one way to bring the great look of timber into your garden design, and... read more
  • effects

    Instant Effects

      Leading garden designer Jim Fogarty says making your garden look better for the coming summer needn’t break the bank... read more
  • retaining wall

    Land Holdings

      Land Holdings Jim Fogarty says the right choice in retaining wall can turn formerly useless, sloping land into much... read more
  • al fresco plans

    Alfresco Plans

    The perfect outdoor entertaining area isn’t a happy accident – it’s a triumph of good planning, says Jim Fogarty, who... read more
  • blank

    Careful Ageing

    Garden designer Jim Fogarty shares some great tips on how to make a new house and garden feel older than... read more
  • blank

    Magic Tricks

    For small gardens and balconies, garden designer Jim Fogarty shows how to delve deep into the designer’s bag of tricks... read more