Don’s Tips: What To Do In The Vegie Garden Now



Planting seed potatoes

It’s time to rev up the vegie garden.

By now it’s probably looking a bit messy so…

  • Tidy it up and weed it
  • Dig in some compost and some chook or cow poo
  • Wait a week or two
  • Time to plant: potatoes, carrots, lettuces, parsley, radishes, silverbeet, corn & rhubarb

An easy way to protect vegies from possums is to make a frame about 1m high and as wide & as long as your bed is.  Put 12mm budgie wire mesh over the frame and place it over the seedlings or seeds.  Use Multiguard snail bait:  it’s non-toxic to pets, people and the environment.

For the really dedicated, shoot out to the racetrack and check out the nearby horse training grounds. Usually there are heaps of bags of horse poo that are free!

This is a great soil conditioner