Don’s Tips: Water Around The Home


Water around the house

Many people have trouble with water around their homes: flooding in the garage, flooding in the garden or just damp spots. What do you do?

Well here goes:
Step one: wait for rain & go out with your umbrella to see where the water comes from & why it gathers in certain areas. Well constructed driveways slope a little to one side to avoid flooding near the end of the drive.

Lawns can be gently sloped to one side to cause water to go off into the garden – rather than into the house or the garage.

Always use very big storm-water pipes for garden drainage – about 150 – 200mm (that’s 6-8 inches) in diameter. This will do a lot to prevent flooding. Three to four inch drainage pipes will always fail during heavy rains.

150-200mm drain pipes or channel drains in front of garages tend to be self-cleaning. That is, they don’t block as often.

Get wet soon guys!