Don’s Tips: Strawberry Pots


Strawberry Pots

Strawberry Pots

Of all the fruits that you can grow at home, none beat the delicious strawberry. 

Strawberries are dead easy to grow and go on fruiting for 3 years or so.  They will be cropping within a few weeks from planting too.

You can grow strawberries in the ground, but take care to mulch the ground with straw or similar to keep the fruit clean.  Check also for slugs and snails that might eat the fruit.

Strawberries grow best in pots.  The strawberry tower is a great idea.  Just stack similar pots of diminishing sizes one on top of the other. Maybe 3 different pot sizes.  Check out our Strawberry Tower Fact Sheet for details. 

Fill the pots prior to stacking with premium potting mix and fertilise sparingly with a liquid plant food as the strawberries grow.

Kids will love the whole process and if you have 2 or more kids each can have their own tower – to see who grows the most fruit.