Don’s Tips: Soil



If you want really good results in the vegie garden, you need to become a soil fanatic.

That’s me!  I love soils.  I love dirty hands and smelly compost.  NOTHING GREEN leaves our place… It all gets composted.  What about you?

To get  your accreditation as an organic backyard farmer you need to collect and compost the following:

Lawn clippings, general plant prunings, kitchen scraps, dead leaves, cow poo, horse poo & chook poo, weeds and anything else that you can find.

Ideally layers of each type of green waste about 10cm deep – that’s 4 inches thick.

Either place the heap on the ground, or chuck in some soil to activate it.

The more that you fork over or turn your heap, the faster it breaks down.

Let’s get down & dirty guys!