Don’s Tips: Selecting Your Block of Land




How do you select a block of land? 

Well, last time we looked at the best blocks, the ones that face NORTH.

But nature can tell you more!  If you drive or walk around the block you may see some existing bushland trees.

IF you see paperbarks – that is Melaleucas, DO NOT buy that block.  Melaleucas grow in swampy areas.  I don’t care about the one in a hundred year flood maps – Melaleucas NEVER LIE!

Native paperbarks are a real worry near any home as they indicate flood zones.

Tall gum trees like ironbarks indicate good rainfall and good soils.  Smaller gums like bloodwoods and scribbly gums indicate poor rainfall & poor soils.

Bellbirds indicate land in trouble.  An ecosystem that is collapsing.

Look and listen before you buy!