Don’s Tips: Privacy Plants


Privacy hedge

Privacy Plants

Most people want privacy – particularly if they live on a busy road.

… So they go to plant nurseries and ask for “something that grows really fast to give them privacy”.  This is a sensible request that usually produces disastrous results.

Most rapid-growing plants will head for the sky- becoming far too big.  This in turn creates awful and expensive maintenance costs.  It also may shade your neighbour’s place leading to conflict.  In Europe some people have been killed during these disputes.

So ask for a plant that is attractive and matures at, say, 3m tall.  Only then ask how long it takes to get to that height.  There are a few lilly pillies  that stop at that height, but most grow to 10-15 metres.

Take your time in selecting a good plant, like a sasanqua camellia or an evergreen michelia (now magnolias).  These are stunning plants with perfumed flowers.

Be careful – you have been warned.