Don’s Tips: Plants For Wet Spots

Plants for Wet Spots

Plants for Wet Spots

I get a lot of enquiries about what plants will grow in wet areas.  There are quite a few spectacular plants that love wet feet.

Both Canna and Calla lilies love a wet spot.  Crinum lilies do too.  Paperbarks love the water as do both fruiting and flowering quinces.

Obviously ferns and mosses tend to love damp positions.

One Banksia, Banksia robur grows naturally in swampy areas.  Louisiana irises are spectacular plants for very wet areas – even in a pond.  The same applies to both full-sized and dwarf varieties of papyrus.

So, you don’t need to try to dry out a wet spot – just plant water-loving plants and maybe add a nice fish or frog pond as well.

This could turn into the best area in your garden.