Don’s Tips: Orange Blossom

orange blossom flower

Orange Blossom

Spring came very early this year and citrus loved it.

We take oranges, lemons and other citrus for granted. Even if they NEVER fruited, there are strong reasons to grow citrus.

• They produce stunning perfumed white flowers that are so wonderful that orange blossom festivals are held all over Australia

• Citrus are very attractive lush green small trees.

• Citrus make great espalier plants against walls.

….. And of course the fruit are amongst the best of all fruits. Imagine a world without orange juice, or lemon meringue pie, or lime leaves in Thai cooking or homemade marmalade or just mandarins in the kids’ school lunches.

How lucky are we in Australia to be able to grow citrus trees in our backyards!

Hooroo! Don.