Don’s Tips: Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ

At the recent Australian Garden Show in Sydney, we constructed an Asian Fusion garden: that is, one inspired by both Asian and Western ideas.

The garden was designed by Australia’s leading landscape designer, Jim Fogarty.

Central to all this was a long garden table with two small and round hot plate barbeques built into it.  This allowed for Korean and Japanese inspired outdoor grilling at the table.  This created a very intimate form of dining with each person able to cook their own food & it gets away from the typical boys with beer at the BBQ separated from  girls elsewhere sipping wine.

Guests could cook seafood-only dishes or even vegetarian dishes.  This is how much of Japanese or Korean food is cooked INDOORS.

Japanese and Korean guests at the Garden Show said that even they hadn’t tried it outdoors before.  They loved it and I think that you will too.  All that you need is two electric plate BBQs – either square or round in shape.

This is a fantastic fun bbq set up for friendly dinners outside at home.