Don’s Tips – Herbs



Herbs in pots

Often herb gardens look drab and miserable in winter, but there are some herbs that grow and look good in winter.

There are many varieties of mint available.  They do grow well and look good in winter.  A few tips though:  True spearmint does not taste like spearmint chewing gum – so taste a leaf prior to purchasing one.  Variegated apple mint is lovely in salads and its foliage is quite beautiful.

Common mint is still the BEST though.

Here’s a BIG TIP – never grow mint in the ground unless it is a confined bed.  Mint can go feral in the ground.  Grow it in pots for safety.  Mint likes a damp, partly shaded spot.  So it’s one of the very few edible plants that do well in shade.

Coriander grows at its best from April to October.  You can also grow chives (which are great in tartare sauce on fish).  You can also grow oregano and marjoram now.

Rosemary looks good over winter too.

So spruce up the vegie garden or herb garden now with mints, coriander, chives, oregano, marjoram and rosemary.