Don’s Tips: Frogs





How do you attract frogs?… Well ponds won’t do it!

Why?  Because frogs don’t live in water, nor do they eat things living in water.  They don’t eat mozzie larvae, they don’t eat algae, what do they eat?

Well I never really understood until I stayed in a motel in Queensland.  There was a covered walkway around the rooms & under EVERY LIGHT there was a can toad, waiting for a fried flying insect to fall!

Frogs eat insects and love fried flying insects.  So, go to a hardware store & get a set of solar lights that have at least some that are ultra-violet lights.

These attract insects & therefore this attracts & feeds frogs.  Put in a pond nearby for the tadpoles and all is well.

Get some ultraviolet solar lights to attract and feed frogs….it really works.