Don’s Tips: Feeding Wild Birds


feeding wild birds

Galahs feeding at a bird feeder.

Many people feed wild birds and in general there is nothing wrong with this. 

Most native parrots and finches would die out in many areas if people didn’t put seed out for them.  The truth is that their native food plants are long gone.

But what sort of seed?  Well I had a look at some seed mixes at supermarkets and produce stores recently.  To cut to the chase, the wild bird seed mixes are truly dreadful and a waste of money.  Many were full of cheap rubbish seed like milo or barley.  So don’t buy wild bird seed mixes:  they are full of surplus junk seeds.

These seeds also attract feral birds such as sparrows & pigeons rather than the native species.

Instead get some budgie seed mix or cockatiel seed mix.  These are much better mixes and most wild native birds will love them.

You will hear the odd crazy saying: don’t feed the wild birds.  This is pretty stupid.  Just don’t over-feed meat-eaters like kookaburras, butcherbirds & currawongs.