Don’s Tips: Damp Spots

Garden pond

Damp Spots

Are you troubled with a damp spot?

Well worry no more. Almost all gardens have a damp spot or a full-blown wet spot.  These are areas that create superb opportunities for adventurous gardeners.

You can put a fish pond into damp areas and plant around it with moisture-loving plants like maidenhair fern, crinum lilies, bird’s nest ferns, tree ferns and canna lilies.

Other plants that love damp spots are paperbark trees, lillypillies, bottlebrushes, quinces and New Zealand flax plants.

Whenever you have a problem in your garden, it pays to go to a local nursery or hardware store and ask the horticulturist what they have for your problem area:

A shady spot

A sunny dry spot

A wet spot

Then you can create a beautiful area quite easily.

Hooroo! Don.