Don’s Tips: Classy Orchid


moth orchid

Moth Orchid / Photo by Rod Divilbiss / CC BY

Would you like a really classy indoor plant?

Well I know of a classy indoor plant that is also really hardy AND is an orchid.

I’ve been growing Moth Orchid (or Phalaenopsis) for some years now in our bathroom.  Moth orchids grow on the smell of an oily rag and tolerate awful neglect.

They come in red, yellow, pink, multicoloured and pure virginal (don’t think people think of pure white as ‘virginal’ these days) white.  The flowers are very large as well.

Moth orchids love a brightly lit position: near the window, but protected from full sun: i.e. the average indoor position.  They grow well in a smallish pot in a coarse orchid potting mix like COIR.

Fertilise with a very weak solution of liquid fertilizer every 2nd month.

Moth orchids grow like mad in summer, then start to flower when the nights drop below 18ºC.

Moth orchids or Phalaenopsis are the best of all orchids indoors.