Don’s Tips – Chocolate




The whole world loves chocolate. 

Its scientific name Theobroma cacao means “Food of the Gods”.  The ancient Aztecs used coco beans as their currency.  They made the beans into chocolatl – a frothy drink made with coco beans, vanilla and other ingredients.

Chocolate has some wonderful effects on humans including a sense of wellbeing, i.e. happiness.

Science has shown that chocolate has many positive effects on our health as well, however only the dark chocolate is seen as a health food.  Light chocolate is too fattening.  And white chocolate is unhealthy, and useless in the feel-good stakes as well.

If you are wondering about the Aztec name of chocolatl, that was the original name for chocolate and it ends in TL as many Aztec words do.

For instance:

avocatl = avocado
tomatl = tomato

The Aztecs gave us more new foods than any other culture on earth, some more are chillies, corn and beans.

Imagine a world without chillies, corn, tomatoes and chocolate!