Kosci’s Comeback

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Kosci’s Comeback

You may remember the wild brumby we met a few weeks ago on ‘Burke’s Backyard’. She was captured in the Kosciuszko National Park and broken in by master horseman, Pat Parelli, using the principles of ‘Natural Horse-Man-Ship’. The brumby was named Kosci, after nearby Mount Kosciuszko.

Pat’s assessment of Kosci was that she has a wonderful nature and will make a great partner for a human. So much for brumbies having the reputation of being pig-headed, incorrigible and untrainable! Pat said that he would remember Kosci for a long, long time.

Kosci now lives with Aussie horseman and approved Parelli horse trainer, Neil Druce. Neil has been putting her through various exercises, tricks and intelligence tests, and has found her to be a seriously smart horse with a really kind and giving nature. She seems very happy, loves being with people and is developing into a fantastic riding horse. We will follow up on her progress in the weeks and months ahead.

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