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  • Grazing horse

    Standardbred Horse

    Breed: Standardbred Horse Temperament: Calm, Resilient Lifespan: 25 years Price: Average $300 Maintenance: High Recommended for: Experienced horse people History... read more
  • Shaking Hands With Horses

    You often see horses smelling each other’s breath.  This is the horses way of shaking hands – via an exchange... read more
  • Australian Stock Horse

    Breed: Australian Stock Horse Temperament: calm, intelligent and responsive Cost: $1500 – $30,000 Lifespan: up to 30 years Maintenance: high... read more
  • Cleveland Bay Horses

    Cleveland Bay Horses BREED: Cleveland Bay horsesTEMPERAMENT: usually placidCOST: $2000 plusLIFESPAN: 25 yearsRECOMMENDED FOR: experienced riders and coach work Appearance... read more
  • Connemara Ponies

    Connemara Ponies  BREED: Connemara PoniesTEMPERAMENT: Quiet, sturdyCOST: $850 plusLIFESPAN: 25 yearsRECOMMENDED FOR: Families History Connemara Ponies originated in Ireland from... read more
  • Bashkir Curly Horse

    Breed: Bashkir Curly horse Temperament: docile Lifespan: 25 years Recommended for: Families Maintenance: Medium Appearance: This is a distinctive horse... read more
  • Friesian Horse

      Breed: Friesian Horse Temperament: Intelligent, trainable Cost: From $7000 Lifespan: 25 years Maintenance: Low Recommended for: Experienced horsepeople Most... read more
  • Haflinger Horse

      Breed: Haflinger HorseTemperament: CalmCost: From $2000Lifespan: Up to 40 yearsRecommended for: Experienced riders A solid, all-round European horse breed... read more
  • Arabian Horse

    Breed: Arabian Horse Temperament: spirited, intelligent Lifespan: 25-27 years Recommended for: experienced horsemen Arabians are said to be the oldest... read more
  • Caspian Horse

    Breed: Caspian Horse Temperament: gentle and easy to train Cost: $500-$20,000 Maintenance: medium Lifespan: 25 years Recommended for: young riders... read more
  • Fjord Horses

    Fjord Horses Breed: Norwegian Fjord horse Temperament: placid, gentle Cost: $2000-$5000+Lifespan: 30 yearsRecommended for: families, childrenMaintenance: low Curiosity may well... read more
  • Shire Horse

    Shire Horse Breed: Shire Horse Temperament: docile Cost: $5000-$8000 Lifespan: 20 years+ Recommended for: hobby farmers, enthusiasts History: The exact... read more