Sleeping on the Job

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According to Burke’s Backyard resident scientist, Graeme Quirk, many an afternoon ‘snoozer’ has been unjustly labelled as lazy. In fact, research conducted by NASA and others has shown that staff who take quick naps at work are really doing the right thing by the boss.

NASA research

Volunteer crew members were randomly assigned to either a Rest or Control Group. Pilots in the Rest Group had scheduled rest breaks, while Control Group members continued their regular flight activities without sleeping. The ‘NASA nap’ resulted in consistently good performance and alertness for the Rest Group, while members of the Control Group became more fatigued and less effective towards the end of the flight.

What to do

Graeme suggested that you recharge your batteries with a little siesta or ‘power nap’ during your lunch break. Your performance will improve and you’ll be in top form until knock off time, which is sure to impress the boss!