Don’s Tips: Small Fluffy White Dog

Are you looking for a small, cute, fluffy, white dog? 

You are?

Well there are two main rivals for your attention – the Maltese and the West Highland White Terrier.  Firstly, the Maltese.  I am sure there are good Maltese dogs, however when we researched dumped dogs in Australia some years ago on the Burke’s Backyard TV program, we discovered that the Maltese was Australia’s most dumped dog.

It was the worst barker, the most aggressive and overall the least satisfactory of all dog breeds available in Australia.

The West Highland White terrier looks almost identical to the Maltese – but it topped our list as one of the least dumped dogs in Australia.  It’s owners love this dog.  They don’t turn up at pounds, aren’t problem barkers.  They are not aggressive – they are just nice dogs.

Go to the Burke’s Backyard website and look up West Highland White Terriers.  These are nice dogs – and very pretty.