Don’s Tips: Getting On Well With Your Pet Bird


Getting On Well With Your Pet Bird

Do you have a pet bird like a cockatiel or a rainbow lorikeet or a budgie?

If you do, would you like some tips on how to get on really well with your bird?

Well, firstly never force yourself on a bird. Approach it and let it come to you. In time it will especially come to you if you offer the bird a treat of some seeding grasses or whatever else it really likes.

Don’t ever wave your arms around near a bird and don’t point at it either. As much as many people are scared of anything that looks like a spider, all birds are terrified of anything that looks like a snake: that is, long, thin and moving. That is exactly what your arms look like when you move them around near a bird.

Don’t hold or trap your pet bird. They are all claustrophobic and hate being held (get someone else to do it if it’s necessary). Birds NEVER forgive or forget if you frighten them.

If you are sensitive and respectful, your pet bird will become one of your best friends.

Hooroo! Don.