Don’s Tips: Drills




Electric drills have come a long way. 

The modern screw driver and drill all in one is a fabulous tool.  Equally electric drills with hammer settings make drilling into concrete or bricks a breeze.  Impact drills are also wonderful.

But you need to take care when selecting your new drill.  Battery-powered drills are SO quick, easy and portable.  But, the batteries tend to fail after a few years and two new batteries can cost almost as much as a new drill.

It gets worse, after a few more years, the replacement batteries will no longer be available, so when the batteries fail,  your perfectly good drill is useless.  No new batteries available.

But, if you get the old-fashioned drill with a plug in electric cord, they can last 20,30,40 or more years – with NO expensive costs for new batteries along the way.

When buying a new drill, seek out one of the older experienced tradespeople staff at your hardware store.  The inexperienced staff may not know the traps in buying new drills.