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Kitchen Essentials and Recipes

Geoff Jansz explained how to set up a pantry. The idea is that you stock up on basic ingredients for... read more

Food Myths

Geoff Jansz looked at some of the most common kitchen and food myths. Avocados Myth 1:  Cholesterol Many people believe... read more

Fabulous Food

Geoff Jansz enjoys visiting quality produce stores that have a wide range of foods from Australia and imported specialities from... read more


Many people believe that avocados are fattening and to be avoided by those who are concerned with their diet and... read more


Espalier Espaliering means training a tree or shrub to grow against a flat surface. It’s a technique which has been... read more

Lazy Stew

Lazy Stew Peter Valder has a simple approach to cooking. Preparation should be easy, the food should be high in... read more

Greco Roman

Chris Johansen spends nights and weekends in his garden shed but he’s not barred from the house nor is he... read more

Homemade Mustard – The French Alternative

Homemade Mustard – The French Alternative Homemade mustard is delicious, especially if you’ve grown the seeds yourself. Mustard plants are... read more

Healthy Party Snacks

Rosemary Stanton looked at some healthy, easy snacks to serve with drinks. Snacks from a pack Potato crisps are a... read more


A few weeks ago Don happened to mention that he particularly dislikes eating chokoes. Hundreds of Australians rushed to put... read more

Coliban Garden

Coliban Garden Don visited Coliban, the home of Beh Kim Un and John Dunham. It is named after the Coliban... read more