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Stylish Plants

...retty plant with cherry coloured new growth. Some species and varieties of lilly pilly are susceptible to attack by a tiny insect called a psyllid (Trioza egeniae). The psyllids suck sap from the new leaves, causing ugly oval lumps on the upper surface and corresponding depressions on the lower surface. However, ‘Hot Flush’ is a variety of the small leafed lilly pilly (Acmena smithii var. minor), which does not seem to be troubled by this pest. Li... read more

Communal Garden

...le (Lagerstroemia indica), red flowering gum (Eucalyptus ‘Summer Beauty’), lilly pilly (Acmena smithii ‘Minipilly’), coast rosemary (Westringia fruticosa), thryptomene (Thryptomene saxicola).  Grevillea   Lilly pilly   Scrub cherry   Kangaroo paw   Coast banksia   Fan flower Cost and availability We used mature plants in our makeover to create an instant effect for television. Our total cost of plants and materials was $11,652 This could be reduce... read more

Deck Makeover

...emishaded parts of the deck and also be good long-term potted plants. This lilly pilly produces pink flushes of new growth and has decorative purple berries. On a sunny north-facing wall we installed a kitchen herb garden using the Smart-valve automatic watering technology. Materials Balustrade Removing the lattice was easy by using a small hacksaw to cut through the nails which held the panels to the uprights. Stainless steel balustrade wire (3mm... read more

How to Grow a Hedge

...ries. Another reason to choose ‘Dusky’ is that Acmena smithii varieties of lilly pilly are resistant to the lilly pilly psyllid (Trioza eugeniae). This tiny native insect causes ugly dimpling on the foliage, which is the last thing you want to see on your stylish hedge or topiary. Preparation and planting Don dug over the garden bed to aerate and freshen up the soil. To give the plants a good start, he added some cow manure and then forked in some... read more

Don’s Expert Answers: Poor growing Lilly Pillies

...of our backyard. As we were seeking privacy, we did not prune or trim the Lilly Pillies during their initial growth (which we now realise may have been a mistake). Although the Lilly Pillies have now reached the desired height (ranging from 2m along the sides to 4m along the back), they’re extremely sparse. The “trunks” are almost bare and what leaves there are at the “top” of the trees aren’t particularly bushy or full. The sparseness of the gre... read more


...lose too many buds. Take you plant inside, being sure to place it on a saucer so it don’t stain your floor. Adorn it with decorations. You can keep your lilly pilly indoors for 10 days to 2 weeks, then it must return to the outdoors.... read more

House Facelift

...en trimmed to shape. Step 12 – Brick planter boxes were planted with dwarf lilly pilly and trimmed to shape. Materials Garden edging: Tuscan Stone (Sandstone colour) bullnose 375 x 375 x 40mm thick. Price: $17 each. Exclusive to Amber. Available at their stores in Sydney, Newcastle, Gosford, Wollongong, ACT. Phone: 13 22 41 Tiles to balcony: ‘Landau’ made by Eureka Tiles. Square body tile, $33.95 per square metre supply only Bullnose stair tile, $... read more

Up Front

...ron ‘Xanadu’; salvia ‘Bonfire’. Turf: Buffalo ‘Sir Walter’. photinia dwarf lilly pilly gardenia alternanthera hebe salvia Buffalo ‘Sir Walter’ Cost and availability We used mature plants to create an instant effect for television. Our total cost of plants and materials was $9622. Savings are possible using smaller plants ($7941). Plants are available at nurseries or can be ordered in. Most other materials are available from large hardware stores,... read more

Colour Wheel

...spray can. Hedge plants Any dwarf hedging plant can be used. We used a new lilly pilly called Acmena smithii ‘Hedgemaster’. This small-leaved shrub is due to be released nationally next year, although from October small quantities should be available from Swane’s Nursery, Dural, NSW. Phone: (02) 9651 1322. Annuals Our scheme uses different coloured pansies (named varieties are listed below). However, any low-growing annual would be suitable (for e... read more

Don’s Expert Answers: I am having trouble choosing the right plant for a hedge. if available: Other Comments: I am having trouble choosing the right lilly pilly. I’d like to create a hedge for privacy with the following characteristics. • Evergreen • Can be pleached • Grows to 3-4 m in height • Non-invasive roots Where they will be planted. • In raised garden beds. Irrigation will be added. Rocks are provided between the plant bed and the brick retaining wall. Narrowest bed is 900 mm deep, some areas are 1600 mm deep •... read more

Mirrored Courtyard

...ted with wisteria to give shade in the hot summer months. Low lilly pilly hedges (Syzygium australe – select form) are used as an alternative to buxus, which Colin feels is becoming too common. He likes the lilly pillys because they have glossy leaves, new red growth and cream brush flowers followed by magenta berries.   Contact information Colin Brown, Garden Designer. Phone: (02) 9417 5820... read more

Don’s Expert Answers: Transplanting

...ntioned above Upload photo if available: Other Comments: I’m wondering how Lilly pillys go being transplanted. I Have some that are two years old but get too much heat off our colourbond fence in summer. I’m nervous to transplant them because I have quiet a few. They constantly get checked in severe heat but I’d be happy to leave them and ‘baby’ them through the warmer months if they are tricky to transplant. Hope that makes sense. Look forward to... read more